Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yikes! sold to mystery buyer

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In a bizarre twist of fate, has been reserved with the ICM Registry. Meaning, the blasphemous URL will never be in business.

Of course, the Vatican denies responsibility, although the Italian media alleges the city state joined businesses and universities in reserving the .xxx top-level domain.

"This domain is not available because it has been acquired by someone else, but not the Vatican," Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi's announcement on Vatican radio.

If not the Vatican, then who reserved the name?

According to the Who Is registry, was created on Dec. 1, which was nearly a week before the general public could buy the domain. During the "sunrise" and "landrush" period, only businesses, school, organizations or the adult industry were eligible to web addresses.

The general purchasing period was open to the public in Dec. 6.

For the sake of humanity, we'd like to think it was a chartable organization that had the foresight to see a potential nightmare. The world does not need to go live.


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