Sunday, January 22, 2012

Google Acknowledges AdSense Is Down For Some, Says It’s Working On The Issue

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Publishers this morning began reporting problems with Google’s AdSense — no ads were showing on their sites — and now Google acknowledges the problem.

A Google spokesperson told Marketing Land: “There is currently an issue with AdSense for Content ads not showing on a small number of publishers’ sites. Our engineers are working to investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

On the AdSense help forum, numerous publishers related problems about their multiple sites. One, going by the handle CorpAce, wrote, “I have this problem across over well over 50 websites, in the UK and the USA on servers in the UK and the USA. Many leading in their fields. I have checked out every other possibility, restarted servers, checked all pools and services are working, java etc and this is definately [sic] an Adsense problem. Very embarrising [sic] all the blank spaces and is a bit of a wake up call to if I am investing too much of my time and resources in Adsense advertsing [sic].”

CorpAce and others seemed especially incensed by Google’s lack of communication on the problem, but some publishers later reported receiving emails with an acknowledgment and apology from AdSense support. Some later said ads were showing again on their sites, while others said the problem persists.

UPDATE: Google has posted about the problem on its “Known Issues” page and says it will continue to provide updates there.


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