Thursday, January 26, 2012

FileSonic Disables Sharing Capabilities

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Filesharing website FileSonic has disabled its sharing capabilities in the wake of the enforced closure of MegaUpload.

FileSonic was one of the biggest sites of its type and, like MegaUpload, it allowed users to upload files that could then be downloaded by others.

But with MegaUpload owner Kim Dotcom having been arrested in New Zealand amid accusations the site was used for the distribution of pirated movies and other copyright-infringing content, the owners of FileSonic appear have taken steps to avoid a potentially similar fate.

Users who use FileSonic are now shown the message: "All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

"If this file belongs to you, please login to download it directly from your file manager."

The site's blog does not explain the action in greater detail. Last December, however, it said it was to check all uploaded files for copyrighted material and said it was keen to battle piracy.

It vowed to use Vobile, a content identification and management service, to scan all files included those that are compressed for copyright infringement.

Like MegaUpload, FileSonic is one of the world’s most popular file sharing sites.

Users can download and send attachments that are too large to send via email such as video, multiple photographs and music files.

Action against the site came in the same week that scores of major websites held a 24-hour protest against new anti-piracy laws making its way through the American legislature.


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