Sunday, January 29, 2012

MediaFire: We're not pirates like Megaupload

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Closing Megaupload for piracy made an impact. Some file sharing services are retreating, but MediaFire says they have nothing to worry about.

That's the news from MediaFire CEO Derek Labian in an interview in VentureBeat. "We don't have a business built on copyright infringement," says Labian. He also slammed Megaupload for "making a ridiculous amount of money with ridiculously bad service," noting the closed file sharing provider allowed people to upload free but charged for large downloads, and paid pirates for content.

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Yet the news of MediaFire's denouncing Megaupload for promoting piracy, while claiming themselves to be "a legitimate business targeting professionals," caught many by surprise. Also surprising to users? That Labian announced MediaFire how closely he works with the feds, including, "Homeland Security, ICE, and the FBI." This could just be part of complying with various official requests to remove content challenged by copyright holders, but many worry the cooperation goes further.

Yeah, right

I always thought Mediafire would've been the first to go, honestly.
Erik Ziedses Des Plantes on

lol. Who's this guy trying kid here? While they don't have an incentive for users pirating crap, the service is clearly used for it.
StupidPeopleShouldntBreed on

About a year ago I filed DMCA takedown notices to just about every one of these sites on behalf of an artist I represented. MediaFire was the *only* website to ignore that request, and the pirated files are still there. on

Pirates bein' pirates

thank god it looks like they'll be safe. I need to get episode downloads SOMEWHERE!
laurenhowes on

MegaUpload's loss is MediaFire's gain?
Dave Park on

i was in the middle of getting the whole BBC shakespeare collection and then fileserve died ughhhhhhhhhhhh
xhoney_bee on

This is the file storage business

People use Ford trucks to haul illicit substances around - should Ford be quaking in their boots?
dave on

So let me ask you, if 80% of all Ford Trucks are used destroy others property, does it makes sense to question the legitimate use of Ford Trucks?
Steven Noyes on

Just because they don't see themselves in the same space as Megaupload doesn't mean the Justice Department feels the same way. Move those servers!
ani_di_franco on

Can any file hosting service that offers free space really be sure of their user's intentions?


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