Thursday, January 19, 2012

Google AdSense Account Approval Tips and Tricks In 2012

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Get your AdSense Account approved quickly with these AdSense account approval trick 2012. These AdSense Approval tips and ticks are really useful for new blogger specially from Indonesia, India,Pakistan and Kenya. A huge number of AdSense applications are rejected globally(about 40% in India it’s 65%). So I am writing this AdSense account approval tips and trick 2012 to help new bloggers to get their AdSense account easily and quickly.

What is AdSense and how AdSense works

Google AdSense is a contextual Cost Per Click(mainly) based program allows webmasters to earn some money from their websites and blogs. The AdSense program is run by Google Inc.

for more info See Google AdSense- What is it?

How to Join AdSense?

In order to join the Google AdSense program you will need to have a fully functional site.

If you have one, the go to this AdSense Signup form and fill-up all the areas carefully. Now Google has introduced 2 step verification since last sept. 2011.

AdSense account approval trick 2012, Google AdSense account approval tips 2012 Now lets come to our main Article AdSense account approval tips and trick 2012. Here I will not tell you any backdoor method to get your account approved quickly. Here I will discuss why your AdSense account is not approved again and again? what is the reason behind that?

If you knew why your AdSense account is not approved then you can correct those problems yourself and get your AdSense account approved.

Why AdSense account rejection again and again in Indonesia and worldwide?

1. Content - This is the most important thing. and if your blog content is duplicate/ copied from other blogs then there is no chance that your AdSense account will be approved.To get your AdSense account approved you must write at least 10 unique posts and wait for Google to index them. So from here I can say Content is the king and this is key factor for AdSense account approval in the year 2012.

2. Privacy Policy page -According to Google AdSense Terms you must have a privacy Policy page in your blog and there you must mention about Dart cookies used by AdSense while serving ads. If your blog don’t have a Privacy Policy page then create one, as without this there is a huge chance to get your AdSense request disapproved.

3. Inaccurate and incomplete Address - The address field in the sign-up form is a vital portion and you should fill this carefully.many applications has been rejected due to incomplete address field. Enter an accurate, complete address.

4. Content Size - I would recommend you write posts at least 300 to 400 words in length to get your AdSense account approved.Google policies are strict regarding Google AdSense Account approval.

5. Adult Material -Google doesn’t allows any porn or sex related website/blog in AdSense program. If your blog content is related to Porn or Adult in nature than don’t apply for it, as it will be declined surely.

Finally friend don’t try try to get your AdSense account through any backdoor process.

These are 5 tips to get your AdSense account approved. Now a day it takes about 15 days to get a fully approved AdSense account, but you will be able to get your get your Google AdSense approved in 2012 within 10 days by following my Google AdSense approval tips, Ya if you're lucky of course :D *lol


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