Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update AdSense Ad Unit Code Or Miss Out

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Update your AdSense ad unit code if you don’t want to miss out on some key features. That’s the message Google is trying to get across with a new video it uploaded to its Inside AdSense Channel.

If you’re not using the updated code, there are certain tools you won’t be able to use, Google explains.

“Click into the ‘My Ads’ tab,” Google says in the video. “If you don’t see any data listed for one or more of your sites in the ‘Ad Unit’ section, you’re using the old ad code. This means you’re missing out on some key features in the ‘Performance Reports’ tab, such as ad units, which shows performance for your individual customized units and ad sizes reports, which show which ad sizes perform best on your site.”

“Additionally, anytime you want to change the style of your ad, you also need to change the code on your page,” Google says. “With the new code, the settings of your ad units are saved within your AdSense account by name and unique ad ID, so you can apply the same code to multiple pages across your site, and make changes just once.”

To update your code, click the “import old ad code” link under the “My Ads” tab, paste your old ad code into the box, give it a descriptive name, and click import to create a new unit with the same settings, then replace the code on your new pages, and save.


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